Type of Training
Benefit for organization
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ISO Standard
ISO 9001:2015QMS: Introduction, Requirement and Implementation (new) Tutorial  CoachingGeneral organization
ISO 14001:2015EMS: Introduction, Requirement and Implementation (new) Tutorial  CoachingEnvironmental concern
ISO 20000:2011IT Service: Introduction, Requirement and Implementation Tutorial  CoachingIT Service Organization
ISO 26000: 2010Social Responsibility: Introduction, Requirement and Implementation
Public concern
ISO 45001: 2016OHSAS: Introduction, Requirement and Implementation (new) Tutorial  CoachingLabor organization
ISO/IEC 17025:2005Laboratory: Introduction, Requirement and Implementation Tutorial  CoachingLaboratory organization
ISO 27001:2005IT Security: Introduction, Requirement and Implementation Tutorial  CoachingIT Organization
SA 8000Social Accountability: Introduction, Requirement and Implementation Tutorial  CoachingLabor organization
GMPGMP: Introduction, Requirement and Implementation Tutorial  CoachingFood and Beverage
HACCPHACCP: Introduction, Requirement and Implementation Tutorial  CoachingFood and Beverage
FAMI-QSFAMI-QS: Introduction, Requirement and Implementation Tutorial  CoachingAnimal feed


Human Resources development skill

Intelligence Leadership To enhance leadership concepts for manager and supervisor  Tutorial  CoachingGeneral organization
Supervisory TechnicsTo enhance supervisor technics for supervisor and leader Tutorial  CoachingGeneral organization
Advance secretaryFocus tricks and tips for effective work management of secretary Tutorial  CoachingGeneral organization
Supervisor service for hotelPractice skill in hotel supervisor in service worksTutorial    CoachingHotel organization
System thinkingTo formulate thinking concepts to be systematic management  Tutorial  CoachingGeneral organization
Creative conflict managementTo gain technics for conflict management be positive solution Tutorial  CoachingGeneral organization
Work assignment and controlTo focus to supervisor, manager to assign and control work Tutorial  CoachingGeneral organization
3Q for develop human resourcesConcepts to use EQ, AQ and MQ for self-development Tutorial  CoachingGeneral organization
Monitoring and Coaching TechnicsPractice skill in monitoring and coaching for operators Tutorial  CoachingGeneral organization
Effective Communication Technics
Effective tools management, meeting, document, email and Line Tutorial CoachingGeneral organization


Productivity management and Technical skill

Effective cost managementTo review and manage the cost by process analysis and lean action. Tutorial  CoachingGeneral organization
Lean production managementTo get rid the waste from process by determine the effect of key quality Tutorial  CoachingProduction organization
7 wastes topics reductionThe wastes to reduce efficiency, increase cost and time. Tutorial  CoachingProduction organization
Kizen for work improvementImprovement methods by change, reduce in better way to meet targets Tutorial  Coaching General organization
7 QC Tools for qualityTooling for manage and control process quality. Tutorial  CoachingProduction organization
Team productivityTo buildup team and guideline to achieve production targets. Tutorial  CoachingProduction organization
Action plan technicsOverall resources management plan to achieve the targets. Tutorial  CoachingGeneral organization
Effective document filling systemTo determine the filling system, identify and quick retrieval and secure Tutorial  CoachingGeneral organization
Process management in practiceHow to manage the process in direction to achieve the targets. Tutorial  CoachingProduction organization
Mistake proving POKA-YOKEMistake proving methods to improve the quality of product and service Tutorial  CoachingProduction organization
Warehouse management skillTo enhance skill of identifying, tracking, recon sign and inventory. Tutorial  CoachingWarehouse organization
SPC: Statistical Process ControlBasic tooling statistics for use control processes Tutorial  CoachingProduction organization
FMEA: Failure Mode Effect AnalysisTooling to use analysis the critical control points of processes Tutorial  CoachingProduction organization
MSA:Measurement System AnalysisTooling to use verify the error in measurement system. Tutorial  CoachingProduction organization
Root cause analysis
RCA: 5Y, Fish Bone for use verify the cause of problem in process Tutorial CoachingProduction organization


Management skill

Balance Score Card in PracticeManagement by objectives frame work to use for organization. Tutorial  CoachingGeneral organization
Production managementProduction management by use resources and key factors. Tutorial  CoachingProduction organization
Strategic managementOrganization management by use key strategic factors to drive. Tutorial  CoachingGeneral organization
Project managementHow to manage projects in difference dimension to achieve the goal. Tutorial  CoachingGeneral organization
Professional TrainerHow to be the good trainer to provide good skill for trainees. Tutorial  CoachingGeneral organization
Presentation skill for managerThe skill need for manager to make understanding and easy present. Tutorial  CoachingGeneral organization


Assessment skill

Internal auditor (ISO 9001)To enhance skill of internal auditor to perform organization audit Tutorial  CoachingGeneral organization
Internal auditor (ISO 14001)To enhance skill of internal auditor to perform organization audit Tutorial CoachingGeneral organization
Internal auditor (ISO 27001)To enhance skill of internal auditor to perform organization audit Tutorial  CoachingGeneral organization
Internal audit for safetyTo enhance skill of internal auditor to perform organization audit
Performance internal auditorTo enhance skill of internal auditor to perform organization audit Tutorial  CoachingGeneral organization
ISO requirements for auditTo clarify in compliance with requirement of ISO standard Tutorial  CoachingGeneral organization
2nd Party audit servicesPerform assessment service for organization that need 2nd Party audit Service and CoachingGeneral organization
Risk assessment : ISO 9001:2015To enhance skill to perform risk assessment to comply ISO 9001:2015 Tutorial  CoachingGeneral organization


Digital marketing skill   

Online marketingTo enhance marketing potential by use digital tooling. Tutorial  CoachingGeneral organization
Search Engine OptimizationTo enhance the searching method in supplier or data finding. Tutorial  CoachingGeneral organization
Graphic TrainingTo extend the user skill to use graphic to support your work. Tutorial  CoachingGeneral organization
Office softwareTo enhance the officer skill to use software to support organization. Tutorial  CoachingGeneral organization
FB/Line applicationTo enhance communication performance in organization through customer and supplier. Tutorial  CoachingGeneral organization
PayPal applicationTo enhance communication performance, payment methods with supplier or customer. Tutorial  CoachingGeneral organization

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